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Starship Modeler produces and imports the best quality science fiction and imaginative scale models from around the world. We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and checks/money orders drawn on US funds. We ship worldwide. Have a look!

Customer Service:
eMail: service@starshipmodeler.com
Phone: (224) 372-7428
(9am-5pm CST/CDST Mon-Fri)
Fax: (224) 372-7429 (24 hr/7days)

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[Star Trek, Star Wars, MaK, Battlestar, and lots more!]

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Plus new decals, new resin kits, new tools and much more!

Payment, Shipping and Return Policies

Payment Options: We accept personal checks drawn on US banks, domestic (US) and international money orders, PayPal, and VISA/MasterCard credit cards. PayPal is fast, secure, easy to use - and free to people making payments. No merchandise will be sent without a confirmation of payment from PayPal, credit card information or a check/money order in hand.

Shipping: We ship all items via US Mail, unless you tell us differently. Overseas customers will have a choice between First Class and Priority International Mail - which class depends entirely on the size and weight of the box.

[We ship *everywhere*]

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee: If, upon receipt of any merchandise sold by Starship Modeler, you are dissatisfied with the condition or quality of any item, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

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