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1/1000 'WeeConnie' TOS Enterprise Masks (for Polar Lights)

1/1000 'WeeConnie' TOS Enterprise Masks (for Polar Lights)

Product #: AZD-05-1000TOSENT

Manufacturer: Aztek Dummy
Scale: 1/1000
Date Added: 25 Sept 2008
Shipping Weight: 0.4 lbs. (Ships from US Zip Code = 60046)
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Retail Price: $14.95
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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Vinyl masks to help paint the a'ztec' pattern on the Polar Lights TOS Enterprise, as seen Deep Space 9 and Enterprise.  Two sheets of black vinyl paint masks are provide, along with detailed instructions.

Customer Reviews

4 Stars Very nice Multi-use masks.
by April Welles on Jul 29, 2010
  I have used these masks for my FSS Enterprise. After using the masks for that project I used the same set in a different configuration for my Daedalus-class Enterprise. (Both models seen in the Gallery on this site) They worked very nicely. The only issue I had was that the adhesive on them is a bit strong, so it peeled off some of the paint on the FSS build. I fixed the area and used the masks again and this time they did not remove any paint. My recommendation would be to follow the instructions. Remove them from the sheet and place them on your skin to remove some of the inherent stickiness. I then re-used them on my Daedalus-class build, since they were already used once I did not need to "loosen" some of the adhesion. They stuck to the model very well ensuring no "bleed thru" of paint and without removing any base coats whatsoever. I recommend this set highly. It brings additional life to your PL/R2 Connie-class.
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