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1/32 Alpha Centauri UFO's Kit

1/32 Alpha Centauri UFO's Kit

Product #: PEG-9102

Manufacturer: Pegasus Hobbies
Scale: 1/32
Date Added: Nov. 12, 2009
Shipping Weight: 1.1 lbs. (Ships from US Zip Code = 60046)
Status: Low Stock
Qty in Stock: 4

Retail Price: $21.99
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Dispatched from their mother ships, these "Short Range" UFO's piloted by strange alien beings explore vast star systems looking for new planets and resources to consume. Reporting back on all they find, they are the ideal craft to scout low-tech planets such as our own. Virtually invisible to radar, sonar, and microwave scanning, they are undetectable by our primitive technology. With the inability to travel the full 1.34 parsecs from Alpha Centauri to our solar system, they require long range transport from their larger ships to destinations deemed "viable" for resources. Dispatched in small squadrons, they can quickly reach any destination in our solar system, and maybe sample a few cattle along the way!

Kit Includes:

  • Pieces to build 2 UFO's
  • 2 alien pilots
  • 17 pieces per UFO molded in grey plastic
  • Includes landing gear and closed hatch panel for in-flight version

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