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1/50,000 Heavy Cruiser / Dreadnaught (8 ships)

1/50,000 Heavy Cruiser / Dreadnaught (8 ships)

Product #: ODY-HCDREAD-50

Manufacturer: Odyssey Slipways
Scale: 1/50,000
Date Added: Jan. 22, 2010
Shipping Weight: 0.2 lbs. (Ships from US Zip Code = 60046)
Status: Low Stock
Qty in Stock: 2

Price: $11.00

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These ships were either called Heavy Cruisers when used by the Republic or Dreadnoughts by the Empire. They had weapons blisters along the sides of the hull with a massive cargo hold in the lower bow of the ship and more smaller cargo holds near the lower middle of the ship that were sometimes gutted and used as hanger for small fighters.

You get a packet of 8 ships, each one 13mm - 3/8" long.

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