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1/1400 Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E

Product #: AMT-853

Manufacturer: AMT
Scale: 1/1400
Date Added: 10/17/13
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Reissue. In 1996, the Enterprise-E made its first appearance in the film Star Trek: First Contact. The "E" shared many of the classic design elements of previous starships: twin nacelles, a saucer-like main section and torpedo-like engineering hull with deflector dish. This new version, however, featured a sleeker, more needle-like appearance, indicative of its advanced warp capabilities and enhanced weaponry. This DETAILED 1:1400 SCALE glue kit is 19"/483mm long when assembled and includes 35 parts molded in grey, plus clear parts in red and & blue; waterslide decals; and a display stand - plus all new box art by the ship's designer, John Eaves.

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