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1/10,000 GR-75 Medium Transport (Set of 8)

1/10,000 GR-75 Medium Transport (Set of 8)

Product #: ODY-GMT

Manufacturer: Odyssey Slipways
Scale: 1/10,000
Date Added: 01/17/14
Shipping Weight: 0.3 lbs. (Ships from US Zip Code = 60046)
Status: Low Stock
Qty in Stock: 3

Price: $9.95

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(Set of 8)

The GR-75 (or Gallofree Medium Transport) produced by Gallofree Yards was designed with a thick outer hull, which produced a large open area for modular cargo pods t held in place with a magnetic shield. Focused entirely on maximizing cargo space, GR-75 transports were armed with only four turreted twin laser cannons, a deflector shield produced by the shield generator pod above the stern, a meager Class 4 hyperdrive, and a sublight engine array capable of achieving a top atmospheric speed of 650 kilometers per hour. While inexpensive, the GR-75 was notorious for its high maintenance requirements.

This ship could be used as a stock transport, or modifeid in any of multiple ways such as Shuttle, Fuel Tanker, Fire Ship, Salvage Ship, Slave Ship, Landing Craft, Hospital Ship,or more.

This is one ship no fleet can be without!

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