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1/72 Wehrmacht E-75 Ausf.Vierfussler 128mm Flak Zwilling

1/72 Wehrmacht E-75 Ausf.Vierfussler 128mm Flak Zwilling

Product #: RCT47002

Manufacturer: Rocket Models
Scale: 1/72
Date Added: 4/10/18
Shipping Weight: 1.2 lbs. (Ships from US Zip Code = 60046)
Status: Low Stock
Qty in Stock: 4

Price: $25.95

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Here's a refreshing change-up to the usual paper Tigers and Luftt '46 designs! Rocket Models takes late-war German designs and brings them to a whole new level with the “Fist of War” series (where WW2 ends several years later than in our timeline) of new Panzer walkers (Vierfüßler is German for "quadraped").

The E-75 Ausf.Vierfüßler is (loosely!) based on the E-75 tank,  part of the Entwicklung- or "E"-series of tanks in development late in the war. This kit turns the E-75 design into into a four leggged mobile anti-aircraft vehi armed with a 12.8 cm Flakzwilling 40/2 mount that in reality equipped static flak towers in major cities.

This injection-molded plastic kit consists of over 150 delicately-molded parts on 9 sprues (5 of which are common to all variants; the rest build up the kit's twin anti-aircraft mount).  The main hull is approximately 4¼"/ 108mm long; the main gun barrels are about 2½"/ 64mm long; each comes in two halves.  OVM/pioneer gear is provided, as are separate hatches (though there is no interior detail).  Markings (mainly number jungle and iron crosses) are provided on a waterslide decal sheet printed by Modelcollect.

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