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Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type (TV Version)

Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type (TV Version)

Product #: KBYKP-410

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Date Added: 4/10/18
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs. (Ships from US Zip Code = 60046)
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Price: $64.95

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Neon Genesis: Evangelion is one of the most enduring anime franchises in history with some of the most beloved characters of all time… not least of which are the incredible giant mecha (piloted by teens, of course) known as Evas.  Kotobukiya brings the most iconic of them all - Shinji Ikari’s EVA-01 Test Type - back in new-tool model kit of the TV series version.  Intricately sculpted and detailed to reflect the unit’s unique lanky body, long limbs, armored torso,  shoulder extensions, and of course its instantly-recognizable horned head.  The kits consists of 200 snap-fit parts on over 15 sprues, and features some truly insane articulation - plus interchangeable parts including differenthands and weapons.  When built, EVA-01 Test Type (TV Version) stands 7 ½"/ 190mm inches tall; pilot's plug, mecha's "mouth" and shoulder weapons ports may be posed open or closed.

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