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All Mechanical Insect Productions -The Evolving Mechanical Mutants

All Mechanical Insect Productions -The Evolving Mechanical Mutants

Product #: HBJ61304

Manufacturer: Hobby Japan
Date Added: 8/30/18
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Yasuhito Udagawa's incredible world of mechanical insects comes alive in this new book. Known by his nick-name "Shovel Head", Mr. Udagawa creates incredible models that look half mechanical and half alive.

Mechanical Insect Works: Evolving Mechanical Mutants introduces modeling techniques and images of Mr. Udagawa's creations inspired by real life insects and his own imagination.  175 full color pages offer detailed, step-by-step explanations of how these fascinating models are made.  Softcover, all text in Japanese. ISBN: 978-4798613048 (4798613045)

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