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"So Saturday afternoon I order two presents for myself. One, the Anigrand Star Destroyer (yeah, I'm single) and the other, the 1/2256 Tantive IV from the SSM Store. Taking out Sunday as a time factor as mail does not run on Sunday, I come home from work Monday afternoon and the Tantive is already in my mailbox!!!!!!!!! It basically arrived overnight!!!! How, just how do you guys do it???????? Some have speculated that you guys have a fully functioning transporter. I am now inclined to believe it."
--- Robert C.

"I just received my Interplanetary UFO kits a few minutes ago (on December 24th). The door bell rang and my wife asked who could that be? I said it's the post office with my SSM order. She didn't think it could get here that fast (because I ordered it on December 19th). Unfortunately I didn't bet her because I was right. This is the quickest an order has got to us here in Canada about an hour north of Toronto. Thanks John and Linda."
--- Brian T.

"I have been ordering from the SM store for years and have nothing but praise for the level of service that John and Linda provide. Starship Modeler is my first option insofar as "Hmmmmm, who do I go to first to research/buy a kit". The Starship Modeler Store has my vote for number one resource! (PS: Y'all can make the endorsement check out to justplainjim) :D "
--- JPJ

"I just ordered my first model from the StarshipModeling store and I have to say if was a very positive experiance and great customer service. When I first called to order I got the machine and left a message but John promtly called me back to take the rest of my order and was very nice to deal with. So for anyone who has any fears about dealing with John don't worry. {this is not a paid advertisment,it's just someone whom was very happy about his service} :D "
--- Paul N.

"HOLY STRETCHMARKS!,One-Zero,I ordered my new 1/350 refit Wed. and I about knocked the mailman down going out the door before 10a.m. (on Friday),guess what he had? Thanks for all the great service and shipping. I believe a little Brown nosing is in order since I don't thank you and Linda enough.Thanks guys,Blessings and Peace. :D "
--- John W.

"Ordered Saturday, John (I assume) shipped Monday, arrived here in a small town in Texas on Wednesday. Proof that it is possible to get something to me in less than a week. Although SSM is the only one so far! Again my hat is tipped to you fine people for your passion, your love, and your work. Thanks John and Linda, you guys are the best jarhead and mom anyone could ask for!"
--- Damon R.

" Just wanted to give the store (i.e. John and Linda) their props. My fiance was not sure what to get me for Christmas...so she went to the store and looked up my wish list...got me some great stuff!

Also, prices....the prices are outstanding. I was just at Target.com and they had lots of the Star Wars kits from Fine Molds on CLEARANCE. So I said to myself, "Self, we have to grab some." But, low and behold, Target's clearance price was still substantially more than the Starship Modeler Store everyday price.

Great job you two!"
--- Tim F.

"I paid for my PL Enterprises on Friday, they were shipped on Saturday, and I got them today (Monday). AMAZING service! Thank you!"
--- Jeff

" So, Saturday at 5:11 am CST I placed an order w/ SSM, and before luch today (Monday) at the office, guess what arrives? (and don't ask what I was doing up that early on a Saturday, it was still Friday night as far as I'm concerned)

Yet again, John & Linda, thank you for the BEST service I have ever seen from an online place.

And don't go all modest on me and say it was the Post Office who delivered it so fast. Those "other" places use the exact same Post Office as you and it takes four business days.

If I make it to wonderfest this year, ugly shirt or not (sorry Jeff) beer's on me!"
--- Dustin F.

"I just wanted to say that John and Linda, in addition to have this wonderful forum, have the best web store I have ever used. Excellent communications and super fast shipping. I buy alot of stuff on line, firearm and motorcycle related, and only one other retailer is as good as the SSM store. Thanks for the great service and I hope to spend more money with you in the future!! Thanks Guys!!!!"
--- Dan

"I've placed two orders from your store and have been very impressed with the packaging and very quick service. For some reason, I didn't think it would be; perhaps because I consider Starship Modeller Resource to be a resource first and storefront a distant second. But, good store! Plus, the fellow I spoke with on the phone first go-round was very personable and... human (if that makes sense). Thanks for a couple great experiences! I'm sure there will be more."
--- Gordon

"First up, you have an awsome website :) Secondly... Just a letter of thanks and to let you know that i have recieved my orders. I was supprised to have recieved them so quickly being the busy holiday season and the fact that i live on the opposite side of the planet, New Zealand (the land of the long wait), the packaging was undamaged and the contents inside are in prime condition (and nicely parcelled i might add). You have won me over in confidence and I am very happy to be one of your customers, I will be buying more from your site in the near future, probably another FMMF so I can build one in landing mode without lighting and one in flight with lighting. Keep up the great service :) Thanks again :) "
--- Tere

"I have just received the ordered items and would like to use this occassion to send my thanks. As usual you and John have shown a professional approach, with great, friendly communication and speedy dispatch of the items. This is a quality which many other vendors have yet to pursue....I hope you will be able to keep such high level of service in the future and wish both of you well. I am looking forward to doing business with you again "
--- K. S.

"We all know that the store offers great Customer service and ships fast, but today they impressed me. I ordered a Blue moon Space Dock on Thursday and the kit was on my doorstep TODAY!!!! That's two days! I couldn't have driven to pick it up that quick! Plus the size of this thing is huge! Great Kit! Great Deal! Great Scott! (Sorry couldn't help myself)"
--- Scott S.

"Thanks for the prompt delivery or our last order and replacement part form previous one. When we opened our business about 20 months ago we decided that the quality of items and the level of service would have to be, as a minimum, that which we ourselves would want to receive as customers (and you *know* how fussy those pesky customers can be!). It's really nice to see that we have somewhere to shop ourselves that obviously have the same sort of attitude!

And we mean *really nice* - you know: well packaged, reasonable postage, no silly handling fees, good quality items, prompt pleasant and helpful service."

--- A.

"Thanks, guys!! You ROCK! The only problem is, you set a bad example for the other companies who don't care much about customer service. :) Your customer service is absolutely exemplary, and I thank you sincerely."
--- Tim B.

"The SM store not only has great service, it's FAST! Packages usually take 7 days from the U.S. to Germany - how my orders arrived in three days I have no idea. Does Han Solo work for the store?"
--- Andrew C.

"I would like to thank Linda for her outstanding help on my order and the ton of questions she answered over the phone 'sorry Linda'. She took my order on Feb.28, and BAM !!! Next thing that I realized was I got a call from my friend that my order has arrived !! Trust me, I checked my receipt to make sure that the order came from Il., not here from California 'talk about service, WOW '. The products looks GREAT, and thank you for the Starship Modeler pin,that will go with my muscle car trophies and pins that I have won at shows. Again, THANKYOU VERY MUCH for OUTSTANDING JOB !! Starship Modeler sure made a believer out of me that there are still professional people out there trying their BEST to take care of customers like me. Just AWESOME !!!"
--- Camille B.

"I just wanted to thank you for the incredibly quick shipping and excellent customer service that you provided. I got my Star Destroyer much quicker than anticipated. I'm definitely coming back for more!"
--- Chris W.

"I placed an order Saturday at 1:30, and got my "order shipped" notice at 2:00. On New Years Eve. You guys rock.
--- Bob P.

"I'd just like to let you know that I'm truly delighted by your service. My order arrived today (US to Germany), in excellent shape and much faster than most regular USPS letters. E-Commerce the way it ought to be!"
--- Constantin G.

"Wow! Lightning fast service - excellent product. I'd use you again - and your site is excellent - an inspiration."
--- James

"The Fe-mail man just dropped of My SSM store order! Purchased friday about 3:30pm CST and is now at my house Monday at 12:52 PM! Thanks John and Linda!
--- Paul H.

"Order received in what must be the fastest shipping I've ever seen from the US! Thank you."
--- Darah D.

"Date/time of Paypal receipt: 9/13 10:10 am (central)
Date/time of "shipped" receipt: 9/13 10:56 am
Receipt (in my hands) of one Republic Star Destroyer: 9/15 1:10 pm
That's it, I'm officially spoiled. The only question is whether SSM can keep up this blistering pace."
--- John M.

"I am writing to tell all the Starship Modeler staff that the site totally rules! (I really dig the reference section) I have been going to the site for about 6 months and have always thought this, but have never told y'all.  My bad.  I build Gundam and other mecha models. :)  On Tuesday 8-9 I found some things that I can't ever find (luvers, extra sensors-n-stuff) I decided to order.  When I had to call someone to give my Credit card info to I was scared that the things I ordered would take 4-ever to arrive, Boy was I Wrong!  I recieved an e-mail the next day (I usually wait 2-3 days to get this type of e-mail) telling me that not only was my package being shipped, but that it was sent out the same day I ordered it, WOW!!...I got the package on 8-11 :) I still can't believe it...my armor off to all!  I will be back to shop, I think a lot! Oh yeah, I hope this (the best site in the galaxy) keeps on Rocking into the mecha ruled future! "
--- Jason L.

"I placed an order Saturday morning, and there was my package, Monday afternoon!  Fast service, indeed!"
--- Joe B.

"Such painless shopping!  Gawd, This store is freaking sweet!  Back to work I go."
--- Saturn P.

and a few days later, here's what he had to say:  

Ordered my (Batmobile) Tumbler Friday, in my mailbox today (Monday). Hell, Squadron Mail Order can't get orders to me that fast using FedEx- and Dallas is only 200mi away as opposed to Chicago; 800mi away.   Which is why you guys deserve all the accolades and corny haikus I can throw at you."
--- Saturn P.

"Shipping that quickly just got you a customer for life. Unbelievable! Thanks!" 
--- Robert T.

"It's always a pleasure doing business with you!  Great products and exceptionally fast service!!"
--- Kevin D.